Bundling Containers and Nvidia's AI

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Net Hat, Inc., a leading provider of open source solutions, has expanded its partnership with NVIDIA to enable more seamless integrations between Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes and NVIDIA® AI Enterprise 2.0.  

This will leverage the latest in deep learning and machine learning (ML) technology across industries, and introduce the latest version of Red Hat OpenShift. 

As we continue to move into the mainstream, one of the biggest challenges facing any typical business is when it comes to software. The association between Red Hat Y Nvidia brings together two market leaders in modern cloud-native computing platforms.  

This collaboration will make it easier for organizations to deploy AI applications with the security, scale, and compliance that enterprise customers require. 

Opening up technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to more businesses and not just labs, educational institutions, and large organizations is one of the biggest challenges we face when trying to break into the mainstream. 

Net Hat points to figures from Gartner showing global revenue from AI-powered software to hit $62.5bn this year. 

OpenShift Y Nvidia Enterprise AI are the future of software. Net Hat is developing a solution that allows companies to create their own cloud-native applications using the REST API. All of this runs on OpenShift with Nvidia Enterprise AI. 

It is fair to say that AI is the future of business. AI brings many opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, and Red Hat aims to offer the best possible solution for organizations with its container platform OpenShift Kubernetes.  

To make it easier for businesses to adopt the latest infrastructure technologies, Red Hat is integrating OpenShift powered by NVIDIA's artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Enterprise 2.0. Through the integration, businesses can now more easily take advantage of NVIDIA AI technologies, more efficiently embracing the technological changes that will dominate for years to come. 

What the organization hopes to do is not only make it easier for companies using AI technologies to deploy those solutions at scale and give more employees access to them, but also for AI developers to build on existing work and create solutions even more powerful with an added sense of security.  

In the world of IT, it is important for administrators to have a clear vision of the future in their businesses, but not so much out of whim but out of the need to provide a robust computing infrastructure with which to start developing new projects and thus reduce or even eliminate risks. All of these decisions must be made with the current state of technology and trends in new implementations in mind. 

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