Trends that will mark the future of your network 

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Usually thes technology trendsa usually predict events that happen in a few years. Generally, these predictions have come in time to prepare for them. The next three trends in technology that deepen in this article have been planned for 2022.  

The next few years will see massive changes in technology, with three big changes coming in 2022. Wi-Fi 6E and the 5G offer “wired-like” experiences, while the SD WAN It will enable smarter ways to use our workspace.  

behold what they will meanas transformations for organizations:

Wi-Fi 6E and 5G will offer "wire-like" experiences.

With the advent of Wi-Fi 6E and 5G, users will finally be able to enjoy the same high-speed, low-latency experiences they currently get with wired connections. This will be a huge boon for businesses and consumers alike, as it will finally be possible to get rid of those pesky cables for good.

SD-WAN will become the new norm.  

SD-WAN is already starting to take off, and it's only going to get more popular in the coming years. This technology allows companies to take advantage of the best of the public and private cloud, providing a more flexible and cost-effective way to connect to the Internet.

We will see more smart ways to use our workspace. 

The need to provide a safe return to the office will certainly accelerate investment in smarter workspaces. This will focus on things like air quality monitoring, space utilization, and dozens of other compliance requirements. But these changes will also bring new opportunities for companies to use technology to create more efficient and effective workplaces, and will have a profound impact on how we will live and work in the future.

The technological changes that we are currently witnessing, starting with the smartphones and ending with him Internet of Things (IoT), are transforming our lives, and will become more and more evident in 2022.  

In this context, we cannot stop talking about the 5G technology, which is in full development and will offer connection speeds similar to those of a cable, and the WiFi 6E, which will improve the current systems of WIFI current. We will also have to watch closely for trends towards SD WAN that facilitate and streamline corporate processes. 

In order to achieve greater efficiency in our offices, we hope that he hasAlready other technological changes that will affect our workers and increase productivity. Our last question is:

What are the technological changes you expect to see in 2022?

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