Techniques to control cloud storage costs 

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Cloud storage is here to stay and is a very attractive solution due to its flexibility, scalability and availability, although not everything is positive.

For example, organizations cannot control storage costs as much as they need, as they are quite unpredictable. The cloud storage is used for many different things, including storage of production data, Backups Y disaster recovery, shared resources for workgroups, and many other features.

The Business are becoming increasingly aware that they will have to better control the expenses related to the cloud storage. A recent report revealed that shadow IT expenses average around 50%, which includes storage. This is an area where IT teams can focus to reduce costs. There are several ways to do it.

Analyzing access to understand what data is being used and in what areas is critical to guiding your long-term storage strategy.

As businesses face challenges like cloud migration, remote work and choosing your cloud type, the storage market is set to evolve further. For 2022, all cloud service providers across areas like storage will be ready for systems multi cloud Y hybrid cloud environments.

Here are some tips on how to better control your cloud storage costs: 

cloud computing

This is the technology revolution that is radically changing the way in which IT services are built and operated, but it is necessary to take into account some aspects when executing this type of project. The essential aspects to consider are cost, reliability, privacy, and end-user control.

That's why in data and service We offer Continuity and IT Consulting solutions to accompany you in your digital transformation processes and advise you on the implementation of appropriate technologies for your company's critical processes.  

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