SOC – Security Operation Center

Detection, analysis and containment of threats before the risk materializes.

Cybersecurity Operations Center, which is made up of a team of both human and devices, specialized in computer security. The objective of this center is to monitor, analyze, prevent, detect and correct, in real time, possible vulnerabilities or threats to the technological infrastructure such as networks, servers, end-points, databases, applications. Additionally, they collect information from all the client's monitored equipment to create a baseline of their behavior and to be able to more accurately and efficiently detect any anomalous behavior within the network.    
Similarly, it is responsible for generating reports and reports to the area manager on probable incidents or threats detected during the monitoring activity, the actions taken in this regard and recommendations to strengthen security.

The purpose of this service is to support the client in the control and management of threats and incidents that could occur within their information systems, offering them a team entirely focused on maintaining the integrity of their information and infrastructure, without this implying expenses or investments in hardware or hiring of own personnel.

Among the benefits of hiring our SOC service are:

  • Real-time monitoring, detection and analysis of threats, according to the availability you require.
  • Immediate response to security incidents.
  • Cost and space savings for the hiring and implementation of a team dedicated to these functions.
  • Highly trained team, certified and dedicated to providing the service.
  • Use of advanced technologies and constantly updated, which will keep you protected from the most sophisticated threats.


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