Welcome to the Petitions, Complaints, Claims and Requests System.
PQRS system.

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There is always an opportunity to improve the quality of our service and the relationship with our users. Through this option you can register your Requests, Complaints, Claims or Suggestions concerning our service.

Below you will find the form with the necessary fields to communicate with us, remember that all fields are mandatory. When you send the form you will receive a confirmation to the mail so that you can follow up.

You can also write a message to one of our advisers



It is the request that is presented in a respectful manner in order to require their intervention in a specific matter, the resolution of a legal situation and/or the provision of a service.


Disagreement formulated by a person in relation to the irregular conduct of an employee or the provision of a service.


It is the communication that you present about possible inconveniences or disagreements in relation to a procedure or the provision of the service, in order to obtain a solution.


Recommendation made by a person to improve the provision of the entity's services.