NOC Network Operation Center

Monitoring, identification and solution of incidents that may occur in your network.

Service that allows monitoring, managing and optimizing the physical state, performance and traffic of critical services, perimeter security networks and equipment, IoT devices, among others, in order to detect failures or weaknesses that may cause unavailability of services and/or or security to the company's infrastructure.

Likewise, the NOC allows for comprehensive visibility of the network, allowing a rapid response to incidents and correcting possible vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Unlike the SOC, the NOC team is basically in charge of monitoring and remedying problems that may interfere with the proper functioning of the network, while the SOC focuses more on cybersecurity issues and threats. However, both services are considered vital for business processes as they are responsible for ensuring the availability of services and the integrity of information.

Some of the advantages offered by NOC monitoring are:

  • Constant monitoring of network performance.
  • Immediate reaction to possible failures or errors in the services or devices or to anticipate them.
  • It provides enough visibility to make decisions or implement improvement plans.
  • Team of specialists trained to react to findings, remedy and prevent performance issues.


All these advantages are offered by the NOC Data and Service team, which has experienced personnel willing to support you in your technological processes. In this way, you will not have to worry about finding qualified personnel for the tasks or having to acquire more infrastructure for the execution of these activities, allowing you to focus on the central objectives of your company.

Additionally, by contracting the NOC service, you will have access to our service desk through which you can request the opening of support cases related to your equipment and network infrastructure, through the different means of communication provided for this purpose.


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