The Six E's of Wi-Fi 6E

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Today, customers rely on Wi-Fi for everything from company phone and video meetings to constant connectivity from their smartphones. That's why Wi-Fi 6E is a game changer for organizations of all sizes, bringing unprecedented wireless performance and capacity to enterprise networks. 

But it is important to highlight that not all the Wi-Fi that exist at the moment manage to reach the technology that the 6E brings, that is why in the market there is an ally called Cisco that within its portfolio is a solution called Meraki, a solution A leader in cloud-controlled WiFi, routing, and security. 

Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi 6E

The Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi 6E platform is ideal for any environment looking to support high device density, such as densely populated campuses or high-traffic locations. Users will experience exceptional performance while connecting through the expanded range and spectrum of next-generation Wi-Fi. 

It should be noted that hybrid work has brought endless challenges, since people are hardly seeing the importance of having a high level of bandwidth in network equipment in order to develop activities. daily efficiently and safely. 

Among the characteristics that a good Wi-Fi must have are:

  1. spread spectrum 
  2. Efficient traffic management 
  3. exceptional experiences 
  4. entrepreneurial opportunities 
  5. Enhanced Security  
  6. Effortless deployments 

In addition, the Meraki MX is the industry's only cloud-managed 100% security appliance, offering the benefits of advanced security without the cost and complexity. The MX harnesses the power of the cloud to deliver rich analytics, real-time web URL filtering, and zero-touch onboarding, while providing a comprehensive hardware and software feature set. 

In addition, Cisco Meraki's broad portfolio of hardware and software solutions spans network infrastructure, endpoint management, and secure device connectivity. With scalable cloud management, Meraki makes it easy to run networks of all sizes, from small businesses to distributed enterprises, efficiently. 

As the industry leader in cloud-driven Wi-Fi, routing, and security, Cisco Meraki offers unprecedented ease of use and customizable features. 

We invite you to securely connect your entire network to the cloud through wired and wireless access points. Contact us. 

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