Innovation in software for the automotive market

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Inside of industry automotive, it is increasingly important to continue to push the concept of the software-defined vehicle while offering the latest advances in computer technology to enable functional and safety features, while maintaining these features as per the strict ISO standards. 

The Vehicle software defined is a control system that uses electronic components and software with a human user interface (HMI). It is defined as the set of physical and intelligent elements of automated navigation that belongs to a vehicle and can be controlled by a user.  

It has strictly controlled functional and security features. The security of electronic systems has been a challenge that often prevents compliance with ISO standards. Furthermore, the software-defined vehicle architecture enables greater consistency between the different parts of the vehicle control system and improves their integration. This architecture is a key strategy for the development of new products and services.

The open source code, in particular automotive Linux, has the potential to meet these requirements. Open source innovation can propel us towards ISO compliance and cloud computing innovation and the IoT will enable rapid advances in computing. Workload consolidation can lead to efficient system software upgrades. It also helps protect system isolation through containers. In short, andOpen source is a source that drives open innovation in software. 

With close collaboration between the community of the linux kernel and the automotive industry, rapid improvements in driving automation can be expected through artificial intelligence solutions. Although Linux is known for its ubiquity on the desktop, it's no secret that it's widely used in many other industries as well. This ranges from the medical industry to the IoT, and even extends to the automobile industry.  

In fact, there are a variety of companies, large and small, that are actively turning to Linux for use in their devices and software.  That is how it does increasingly evident that the software open source it is getting back essential for many companies and industries, since for its features “open, allow the implementation of innovative processes within organizations, facilitating So the creation of more robust and efficient solutions that allow full compliance with the regulations to which industries are currently subject. 

Finally, it can be concluded thatto trend towards software systems for Linux-based vehicles, which began in the 1980s, is gaining traction. Security requirements for IP-connected software, especially for autonomous and semi-autonomous functions, are increasing. Many customers want to recode existing applications from scratch using HSO to allow future extensions of the vehicle software and thus create a good starting point for a powerful autonomous driving system in the future. 

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