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Data Y Service's human team works to maintain the availability of your organization's critical processes, allowing you to continue growing your business, no matter where you are.

Ensuring the continuity of the operation of your business is a priority, the interruptions of the services of an organization generate significant economic losses

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Get to know the portfolio of services to implement Continuity solutions tailored to the needs of your company.

Advice for the development and implementation of the Strategic Technology Plan, aligned with the business architecture and the Business Continuity Plan.

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Design and implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans, aligned with the Business Continuity Plan.

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Alternative that offers high-speed solutions to leverage your business continuity strategy, based on services on demand.

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We work with solutions implemented in hybrid, public or private cloud schemes.

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  • Arcserve UDP 9.x Advanced Edition (Maintenance)

    COP $210,25COP $567,66
  • Arcserve UDP 9.x Standard Edition (License Only)

    COP $839,62
  • Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct

    Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct

    COP $1.882,60COP $5.083,01
  • Arcserve UDP 9.x Standard Edition (Maintenance)

    COP $167,93COP $453,41

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