Learn about the new types of ransomware targeting Windows and Linux 

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The digital age has representedhad a change of mindset, but also in the way of doing things. The arrival of new technological models has allowed companies can operate more efficiently and manage their data, services, applications orderly manner. However, digital transformation has also open the doors for criminals to move or strengthen their operations to network. Not only do they use sophisticated tactics to deceive and defraud, but they also use all their knowledge and ingenuity to constantly develop threats advanced, able to evade or cheat security systems.  

In recent months, experts researchers in cybersecurity matter have been investigating the appearance of 2 new families of ransomware called Black Basta and Luna.  

In accordance with the information that has been collected so far is that, in the case of Black Basta, it is a ransomware developed in 2 versions: for Windows and for Linux The Linux version is specially designed to attack virtual machines ESXi. For the Windows version, it is known to boot systems in safe mode (where security tools don't work) to encrypt them later. This type of ransomware this focused on targeting victims from all regions of the world. 

Luna's authors, for their part, have emphasized collaborating with Russian-speaking partners, so they are probably targeting victims from countries other than the former Soviet Union. Like Black Basta, it also attacks Windows and Linux computers. 

How to prevent these attacks?

It is vitally important that companies take the issue of cybersecurity and protection seriously, understanding the serious consequences that a cyber attack can carry.  it is so What it becomes necessary raise a good cybersecurity strategy that takes into account all the elements involved, relaten all systems, databases, devices, networks to protect and, above all, a recovery plan is established that allows operations to resume in the shortest possible time in the event of a cybersecurity incident. 

Similarly, it is necessary to ensure that the entire technological infrastructure of the company is protected, where possible, by robust solutions that detect suspicious activities or intrusion attempts.  

In short, in the face of a growing panorama of threats, where these are in constant evolution and transformation to achieve your goals, companies must remain vigilant abefore any type of abnormal activity within their networks and systems, update regularly about current hazards and methods, train your users to be attentive toagainst attempts to deceive and, above all, always ensure that your infrastructure is properly protected with security solutions efficient. In case of not having the experience or sufficient knowledge, Seek the advice of a specialist, who will help you understand your needs.s and will determine which are the ideal security solutions for the requirements of your company. 

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