How to take advantage of DELL storage? 

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The storage environments Dell Technologies are fundamental to the success of the company; however, it is difficult to provide effective administration. The learning automation it should be a fundamental part of your IT strategy.  

This type of research can help you monitor and measure the overall health of the server, storage, converged infrastructure, and hyperconverged, and data protection through intelligent, complete and predictive analysis. 

Why track stats manually when you can automate the process and focus on the things that matter most? 

CloudIQ is a solution of software as a service (SaaS) free to use that provides users with a simple, secure and independent portal that allows them to monitor and resolve problems in your storage environments Dell Technologies. 

Users can access CloudIQ from anywhere and at any time, even if they are away from the desktop. Similarly, they can monitor the performance, the ability, the System Components, the setting and the Data Protection Y analyze predictions future capacity tests to detect capacity anomalies before they occur. 

Also, it provides a secure and independent portal and ensures that clients will only be able to see their own environment. Help users to improve the productivity of your IT resources with smart alerts that let you know when assistance is needed. As well the helps stay ahead of business needs with full near-term capacity forecastingeither.  

CloudIQ centralized management allows you to monitor and monitor system components and settings, as well as the Data Protection. His ability to predictive analytics It shows the most critical components of the system and informs about possible problems that may arise in the future, allowing faults to be detected that could cause damage to the system. hardware or to the data plus forward and thus avoiding performance problems or loss of information. 

In conclusion, Dell provides its customers with a solution storage management that will allow them to get more out of your infrastructure, while allowing you to monitor its health status, the possible vulnerabilities that it presents, and any inconvenience that may affect data storage.  

All this becomes an important value proposition that companies that have infrastructure of the brand should take advantage of more effectively manage your storage and, with the help of the application's predictive capabilities, anticipate any risk that could damage your information. 

This app is available for mobiles with Android operating system and ios or it can be used online. 

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