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The probability that any organization will be the victim of a cyberattack is increasing.

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Descubre cómo la inteligencia artificial adaptativa impulsa el éxito empresarial a través de su entrenamiento continuo que le permite adaptarse al contexto.

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Hacktivism expresses its disagreements at a political and social level, making use of its abilities to put the cybersecurity of large corporations and governments at risk.

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Cyber attacks on schools are on the rise. Education has suffered the most ransomware attacks of any industry, along with retail.

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Automation is a topic that has dominated the news recently, and for good reason. It is feared that automation will take over many jobs, leaving humans to fight over the ones that remain. But what does this mean for the future of work? 

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Having a backup strategy in place is critical to business continuity and must be properly built to reduce the impact of an incident.

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Periodically audit all hardware and software for updates and security patches; then test your disaster recovery plan (DRP) so you know it will work when needed. 

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