AvosLocker, the ransomware that has the authorities on alert 

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A few weeks ago, the FBI issued a warning about a new malware. Is about AvosLocker, it's a malicious software which demands money from its victims in exchange for the ransomware key to make their data accessible again. 

AvosLocker it's a ransomware which has attracted the attention of the authorities due to its rapidly growing threat. As usual, this cyber threat in particular it targets multiple industries such as infrastructure, transportation and media.  

We refer to Ransomware as a Service, which is currently affecting numerous industries globally by taking advantage of vulnerable networks. These types of attacks involve operators who develop malicious programs and recruit affiliates in order to spread the malware and infect their victims. 

The notice from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) states that AvosLocker claims to directly handle ransom negotiations, as well as publishing and hosting victim data mined after its affiliates infect targets.” On some occasions, they have even threatened to launch attacks of the type DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) to pressure negotiations and/or publish the stolen information.  

The cybercriminals behind this threat they first exploited known vulnerabilities in the email server platform of Microsoft Exchange in order to gain access to networks, and then used a variety of tools to extend remote and lateral access throughout the network, including cobalt Strike, PowerShell and some custom tools.  

Most of the members of AvosLocker, like others ransomwareThey seek to gain control of the Active Directory his victims in order to have more and better access to their networks and resources.  

Recommendations against these attacks

AvosLocker it's new, it's discreet, it's fast growing, and it's effectively extorting advanced companies. groups of malware they have always demanded to rescue them or they will affect their networks, but this campaign took the concept to a whole new level. 

AvosLocker affected multiple critical infrastructure industries. However, the greatest risk to these cybercriminals lies in the security industry's ability to rapidly respond to emerging threats using a variety of technologies. 

It is up to organizations to be up-to-date in terms of solutions for cybersecurity, continuity and high technology that avoid major damage to its infrastructure and information.

dates and Service is here to accompany you in the decision-making process, always prioritizing the needs of each organization and the integrity of your data 

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