Zero trust in the cloud

While many organizations globally are adopting cybersecurity measures to help them prevent, correct, and recover from a cyberattack, it is important that these strategies align with current trends in order to keep their digital assets protected and, therefore, your operations.

Persistent advanced threats, what are they and how do they work?

APT attacks are characterized by their intensity, high complexity and because they have a high impact. They are often capable of damaging day-to-day activities in an organization, disturbing the state of innocence that the organization enjoys, and often have destructive consequences, stealing or destroying corporate data or deleting evidence from the network.

Cybersecurity as a business decision 

Information security management is an increasingly important issue in today's technological age. As new technologies emerge and business processes are digitized, new threats emerge that require companies' attention. Cybersecurity is a business management tool that helps minimize the risks associated with the use of information technology. 

Apply cybersecurity to mobile devices 

Almost all companies are using mobile technology to improve their business processes and reduce operating costs. That is why it is important to protect the workers who use this technology. In addition to being able to connect to insecure networks that are not password protected.

The Six E's of Wi-Fi 6E

The Meraki MX is the industry's only cloud-managed 100% security appliance, offering the benefits of advanced security without the cost and complexity.

"Don't tell me in Private, what you can't hold me in Public".

Editorial IMG - Fernando Betancourt E

I don't know what worries me more: That the airlines in the US ask to review 5G technology because they consider the existence of a risk to aviation security and that large governments detect the potential leak of information from the firmware of the devices running 5G or that an asshole with technical talent develop an application […]


One of the headaches of cybersecurity