Strategic allies

We are committed to the quality of our solutions and we have the best allies positioned globally, due to their quality and coverage, to carry out implementations tailored to the needs of our clients.

Saas | Cloud | Infrastructure | Software

Fortinet is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing cybersecurity hardware and software solutions for all types of industries and business sizes. It has stood out globally for its network monitoring and analytics solutions, access control, endpoint protection, firewalls, among others.  

Some of Fortinet's most prominent products include: FortiGate, FortiAnalyzer, FortiClient, FortiNAC, FortiSIEM 

Software | Security | Datacenter | Cloud | networks

Cisco is an American company born in 1984. It is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of telecommunications, network and cybersecurity solutions. Cisco has stood out for the efficiency of its hardware and software products, which has allowed its clients to obtain greater productivity and security for both their processes and their information.

Infrastructure | Storage | Cloud computing | Blockchain | Artificial intelligence

IBM is a recognized manufacturer of technological solutions that offers hardware and software products for different industries and organizational needs. These solutions are framed within the segments of storage, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, analytics, blockchain, among other ranges.

IBM products are characterized by high quality, reliability and provide comprehensive solutions for business requirements.

Advanced Security| EDR | Cloud

Kaspersky is a Russian company with extensive experience and leadership in providing computer protection and security solutions, both for individuals and organizations of all sizes and industries. 

Over the years, the company has been characterized by developing products that adapt to both technological evolution and the advancement and specialization of cyber threats, allowing them to deliver a range of optimized solutions for comprehensive protection of devices, users and data. .

Backup | PDU | Could Direct | appliances

Recognized provider of continuity solutions for companies of all environments. Arcserve solutions are focused on supporting companies to manage their backups in a simple and safe way, guaranteeing rapid recovery of information with a low impact on business operations.

Also, with the arrival of digital transformation, Arcserve has adapted its portfolio to offer its customers products tailored to their needs, for example, with Cloud solutions, On Premise or any desired location.

Storage | Computer equipment | servers

American organization, but with recognition and global reach dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of technology products such as personal computers, servers, workstations, data protection solutions and many more.

Flexibility, scalability and innovation are some of the aspects that make Dell a solution provider that adapts to any business requirement.

Shift | Ansible | Open Source

Leading company worldwide in offering open source solutions in virtualization, storage, operating systems, containers and more, making it easier for organizations to operate in different environments effectively and allowing innovation for corporate processes.

It is also integrable with solutions from other manufacturers to enhance its performance and optimize work.

Cloud Storage | cybersecurity

Company specialized in offering comprehensive data protection solutions, focused on both the cybersecurity aspect and the backup and recovery of these, in the event of disasters or incidents.

Acronis' product offering is available for different market niches, from homes and small offices to large enterprises and service providers, with solutions tailored to everyone's protection and recovery requirements.

M365 | Accessibility | Consulting | Management

Provider with great global recognition for its offer of software products, hardware and services. The Microsoft portfolio is aimed at supporting people and organizations to adapt to the challenges of digital transformation, offering solutions that allow them to perform daily tasks safely and efficiently.

Storage | Computer equipment | servers

Chinese multinational whose main focus is the manufacture and distribution of products for different market segments, such as cell phones, laptops, servers, printers, computer accessories, among many more.

All Lenovo product lines have stood out for their quality and performance, as well as having a good reputation thanks to the wide variety of products that adapt to the requirements of each client.

Storage | Cloud

Leading company in data management and data services.

NetApp solutions, delivered from the cloud or on-premises, are designed to reliably optimize access to data while making it easy to manage business-critical applications and workloads, adapting to the changes that transformation has brought. digital to provide the customer with a complete experience and more efficient tools, according to their needs.

Virtualization | hyperconvergence

Products focused on providing hardware, software and services solutions, in hyperconvergence and virtualization. It offers its clients the possibility of managing their infrastructure, applications and data in different environments from a single platform, simplifying operations.

Additionally, its software solutions offer the flexibility to adapt to any server, cloud and hypervisor, allowing it to be adapted to the infrastructure and needs of each client.

Software | Security | Datacenter | Cloud | networks

Company with more than 20 years of experience in the design and marketing of solutions related to networking: network infrastructure equipment, network management software and access controls.

These solutions use artificial intelligence, analytics, and machine learning technologies to enhance their capabilities and provide a better connectivity experience, making it more agile, secure, and manageable.

Storage | Backup

Hyper-converged secondary storage provider for data deduplication backup, specifically designed for all major backup applications. 

It has a varied offer of artifacts that are sized according to the capacity required for a complete backup and can be combined with each other, allowing customers to grow as required.