1,2,3 of the cyber attack on INVIMA

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The Invima server suffered a cyber attack by a computer virus known as blackbyte, which hijacks data for extortion purposes.

This affected the issuance of export and import certificates and the single window for foreign trade, among other services.

¿Qué es BlackByte?

BlackByte encrypts files, no matter where they are, so they cannot be read.

It is ransomware software as a service (RaaS) that encrypts files on vulnerable Windows servers, regardless of whether they are physical or in the cloud.

¿Qué es Ransomware?
It is a program that hijacks information from a server and does not release it unless a ransom is paid.
¿Cómo prevenir los ataques por Ransomware?
1. Back up all your files to a hard drive that is not connected to the corporate network.
2. Segment internal networks so that data from each corporate computer can be separated.
3. Implement comprehensive solutions to reduce risk.

You want to know more?

At Data y Service we advise you on the design and implementation of a tailored solution that protects your information.

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