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We are a company with 25 years of experience in the technology market helping our clients with their IT projects. Reliability, continuity and efficiency are the pillars of our commitment to our customers.

We want your organization to be at the forefront of technology so you can face new challenges with confidence. We do not sell technology; We solve problems and provide solutions.

¿Why choose Data and Service as an ally for IT projects?

Extensive experience in the market

We've been acompanying our customers for more than 25 years through their process of digital transformation, providing them with the best technological solutions in the industry and guaranteeing the availability of their information.

We protect your IT infrastructure

With the provision of our specialized cybersecurity services, we take care of monitoring, analyzing, correlating and remediating any threat or vulnerability that may affect the critical assets of your business, 24/7.

Certified engineering team

Our team is certified by our strategic allies, seeking to put at the service of our customers the knowledge and expertise in the field, giving you the peace of mind that your infrastructure and data are in the best hands.

Tailor-made business solutions

We offer comprehensive, synergistic and systemic solutions tailored to organizations. We have successfully developed, improved and consolidated the security posture against advanced threats in both the public and private sectors.


We have an ecommerce specialized in some of our partners' solutions. You can find licenses, products and services for the implementation of cybersecurity and infrastructure projects.

Specialized services

We are a team of technology specialists passionate about supporting your business growth, focused on IT solutions. We have earned a solid reputation among our valued customers and partners thanks to our professionalism.

Design and implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans, aligned with the Business Continuity Plan.

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Detection, analysis and containment of threats before the risk materializes.

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Alternative that offers high-speed solutions to leverage your business continuity strategy, based on services on demand.

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The leaders of the technology sector are our allies to guarantee the quality in the implementation of the solutions.

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